Public Relations and Social Media Marketing – Are They Related?

If your experience with PR comes primarily from TV and movies, your first thought to the title question might be, “definitely not!” However, when you look at the situation a little closer, you see that social media marketing is merely public relations in an updated and improved form. First you must realize that public relations is not necessarily what you’ve seen on TV. It always seems like PR firms and reps are sweeping into action only when there’s a crisis, but this is far from the media firm

Instead, a good public relations company operates in the background, when they’re really good people might not even know they exist at all. So let’s talk more about the close ties between social media and PR. The core of public relations is all about managing the relationships between your company or agency and the public that are directly interested in it, your target audience. There are a number of ways PR firms approach this relationship, including (but not limited to), finding earned media, direct communication with existing and potential customers, addressing concerns with products and services, new product promotion, new service promotion, and new market promotion. When you put all of this together, it creates a strategy that established positive relationships with long term customers.

Social Media as a Tool for Communication

The reason that PR and social media marketing are intrinsically tied is because a lot of public relations can be managed via social media these days. Think about it for a minute, where is most of the discussion about products, services, and brands taking place these days? If you answered “online” then you’re correct. Never before have companies like yours had an opportunity to reach customers in a space like this, you’ve got to make the most of it. Still, I see all sorts of companies, large and small, constantly pitch sales and products on their social media. Some of them have a never-ending stream of ads, and they may have followers but I can assure you they aren’t getting all that much value out of this.

Instead, you should be using social media to start a conversation, to share content that your audience will find useful and interesting, and to address any concerns your general public might have. Social media management and marketing is simply another form of public relations.

Finding the Right Partner

Social media tends to be one of those things that a lot of companies think they can handle on their own. Perhaps you already have a PR firm working for you, and they don’t handle social media. Does it seem like hiring a social media company would just be an added expense? Well – it would be, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them. If you’re working with a PR agency that isn’t active on social media, you should reconsider your partnership. You need a team that is up to date and ready to work it today’s market, not one that existed 30 years ago.

Search around your area for social media marketers and see what you find. Chances are, these companies will address PR straightaway. They know what they’re doing and they do it well – as long as you go with the right firm. Look out for huge promises and unrealistic plans though, there are plenty of folks out there just looking to make a buck off the social media boom.

One of the biggest things I tell companies to look into is a social media agency’s track record and history. You absolutely must look at examples of their prior work before jumping on board. You’ve got to be sure that they can really improve things for you and make a difference to your business.

Doing it Yourself

Theoretically, it’s possible to manage your social media and public relations on your own. If you’re a one-man or woman shop, then it might be necessary. But if you’re running a larger operation, it can be tough to find the time. Remember, it’s more than just posting quick updates here and there, you need to be creating quality content and sharing on a regular basis. In other words, you need a plan, it can’t be just an afterthought. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in content creation. You and your team are experts in your field, and it’s a good idea to bring contributions when you can. Still, it’s a good idea to have a partner that oversees the whole process.

Social media marketing success is an achievable goal if you find the right partners and concentrate on making it happen.

Saddle UP With A Social Media Management Service

Social Media Management ServiceHave you made up your mind that you want your company to be the best?  A step in the right direction can be done with the assistance of a social media management service.  That’s right, social media can raise you company out of the quagmire of mediocrity and all you have to do to start the process is survey the terrain of web designers, and content managers, and social media manipulators, and on and on.  Or, you could search for a company that brings everything together in the Denver area, like a cog-wheel fits a sprocket.  Social media and public relations can come as a package deal, and with your collaboration and cooperation, your company will reap a great set of benefits.

Social media accounts have become ubiquitous, just one social media network boasts of one billion users.  That seems pretty robust, and without doubt that represents an enormous market to tap into.  Calm down, because there is not really any way to capture that entire market, but there are manageable chunks that are available for you to pitch to.  Your company has a set of demographics that it markets to and social media networks have demographics on its users.  Some, like dating sites have a fairly narrow opportunity, others are broader and offer you and your company some vast opportunities if you could capture just a small fraction of a percent as new customers.

Just how do you go about approaching this almost limitless market?  Well, I would recommend that you hook up with a social media marketing firm that has a client list that can be verified that has succeeded in the pursuit of business with the firms assistance.  This firm, once the contract is inked, will take you through the paces that are needed to put together a succinct campaign or a program that can accomplish your entry into social media.

First, after affirming a demographic pairing between your company and however many social media networks that match, you construct social media sites, with the help of your new media firm.  These social media sites will provide you opportunities to interact with your customers, prospects, and just plain interested parties, regarding your practices, products and services.  They offer an excellent means of operating a question and answer board, you can attract interest with contests or ice-breakers, and you can just overall enter into open two-way communication.  This is very innovative and has never been easier, especially on the scale that is possible.

Next, you need to create a blog, maybe on a website like WordPress.  The blog will provide a communication forum where you can make interesting and scintillating content available for readers.  The intent here is not to sell products, but to set up an opportunity for building relationships.  The blog should post content that offers readers a fantastic viewing experience.  Plain and simple with extreme ease of use is the rule here.  Incredibly, some search engines can detect the degree of viewer satisfaction, and that state of satisfaction is one of the goals for your blog.  The search engine appreciation of that viewer satisfaction is a factor in determining the order of display of search results, and you want to be as near the top as possible.

Finally, review your web site.  Chances are the web site that you rely on for your earnings is umpteen years old.  Ivy growing on a wall can be considered aesthetic, but age on a web site might indicate that you are behind on technology and therefore behind the competitors.  It may be time for a complete overhaul and redesign, with the effort one to modernize and increase ease of use for lookers and buyers.

You now have been led through the trio of jewels in social media marketing.  They are social media sites, blogs, and of course, your web site.  All of these should be blended together into a coherent and strategic program.  You should consider it dynamic, gone are the days of static advertising and order sites, and resources should be allocated to maintain the reinvented parts of your internet business.  After your plans are finalized and in play, you will see upticks in conversions because of the complex actions playing out from the parts of the program designed by social media management.

You will bet more play in the social media sites, more readers in the blog, and there will be carryover to the web site.  Social media will begin to play a role that you have not seen in the past and your company will rapidly see benefits.

A Social Media Management Agency Can Bring Success

A Social Media Management AgencyPublic relations can be the art of getting the client in front of the public in a positive light.  A social media management agency can be just the thing for bringing success to your internet or brick and mortar business.  The means of the publicity is through the wonder of social media sites relating back to your website or your physical business location.

That’s right, using your social media accounts can bring you more business.  They should no longer be viewed as simply the way to keep in touch with your family or a way to let the world know of your gross behavior and habits.  Stop worrying about your parents reading about and seeing pictures of your last spring break or your bachelorette party in Vegas, use the sites to provoke more business connections and thereafter more sales.

I have pursued public relations by advertising in print media, radio and television, but now that I am involved in social media management, there is no comparison.   Just think, managing social media, managing thoughts; managing buying impulses and patterns.  That means steering buyers to your sales outlet, an internet web page, using nothing more than the newest forms of social interaction, the social media.  You can tweet or follow or friend, no matter where, and you can attract a following of your content with directions to your sales media (hyperlinks) along with articles enticing readers to consider your products and services by reading about general topics touching on your specific areas of concern.

Years ago, I used to transport goods for sale to one location and buy and return with goods to sell at my home location.  The  trip was a good time, and I didn’t have to advertise to make sales.  I used a middle-man as a distributor at both ends and they were responsible for final sale and distribution.  It was a sweet deal, but that was not enough for me.

I got into direct sales of various goods and advertised in affinity and general interest publications and made sales to a very narrow range of customers, dictated basically by the specialty of the printed media.  Still not enough for me.

I tried advertising in more general formats, using radio and even television, but still I had a narrow focus and the market was restricted and frankly, not growing.  Not enough again.

I woke up one day and the internet was here and there were new opportunities.  There were straight fulfillment sites, and auction sites and just advertising sites.  Exploring these opportunities, I was struck by the similarity to older advertising venues, even down to ads on bus stop benches.  Everything was just smaller print on a computer screen and there were and unlimited number of benches to drive by.  The ads even looked the same, in some cases.

Then a new usage of the internet came into being and there were sites which took on the look of diaries and family reunions and chat rooms for specific interest groups.  It became de rigor to appear in as many of these sites as possible, and even more important to have as many looking at one’s site as possible, with bragging rights to the largest number of likes or other words for affinity.

This became enormous, with some of the sites, called social media sites, having over a billion users and suddenly with business transactions springing forth among the photos of the wedding and the baby and the vacation.   Many transactions, worth much money, with many advertising products and services.  Social media have morphed into an advertising and public relations mecca and there are many social medial marketing services that will assist in converting your archaic methods of advertising to an effective method that has billions of viewers.  These services will provide a program which will enable you to take a part in the gigantic sales activities taking place with the empowerment of social media.

You can get tailored media sites which position the viewers to take the next step and go to your store, whether electronically or physically.  The web site which you have been using can be redone or scrapped and replaced with modern graphics and using up to date techniques, your sales can become enhanced with the electronically induces stimuli of the internet and your social media can stop being a family reunion page or your hobby enthusiasm or your vacation pictures and can instead become your primo sales outlet, your only, yet effective, advertising effort and your means of capitalizing in the explosion in the use of computers and tablets and phones and watches.

How Investing In A Public Relations Firm Can Pay Off For You

When I say unto you ‘public relations firm’ what is it that your mind considers?  Surely, here are a few things that jump to mind, but if you are a small business owner, you don’t think of what it can do for you.  Very likely, you think to yourself that there are more uses for them that a celebrity may need, than things that your business may need.  And this is to your detriment, my friend, truly.

Everyone and every business or corporation with an outward face, with a public interaction of some sort, can be able to find some sort of use in hiring a public relations firm.  Don’t believe me? Let’s talk about scandal and what it can do to a public person.

John Edwards had been a name in Southern Democrat politics for quite some time, and a famous one at that.  He was widely considered, at very least, to be a contender; he had stuck in there with John Kerry when they lost to Bush/Cheney in the 04 election season (mostly because John Kerry had made the poor decision to embellish his military service and had basically lied in front of the Winter Soldier commission, which angered pretty much every vet of the age immensely), and when 08 rolled around, it seemed like it was time for him to be a contender.  At very least, for quite some time when he was in third, more or less, in the polling, it seemed like he’d eventually make a dignified bow out of the competition and become the VP to Hillary Clinton.  And the fact is that he probably would have, too, or he may have even ended up being the VP to Obama (God knows Biden was no big fan of Obama back in the beginning).  That was before the scandal that rocked his campaign and his political future and basically ended his life as a profitable venture; he got caught cheating on his wife who was dying of cancer with his publicist or something, someone working on his campaign. This huge scandal, poorly managed by his campaign, and without the benefit of a public relations company, turned him into an outcast, shunned by those who had once backed him, bereft of friend in the political world.  He became a political untouchable, someone whose ideas concerning policy would not even be heard.

So, what can a PR firm do for you?  Well, sure, they can help you in hard times of scandal, but there is more that they can do than that.  Basically, the big thing that they can do for you is to help to manage the way that your company and their goods are perceived, and that starts with connecting to the customer where they hang out.  You don’t make a good impression of your business by simply saying ‘hey, we’re good people'; in fact, such facetious piety and nobility is often derided.  No, you need to not only show them that you are good people, you must also show them that your product is good.  Do you know why the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster and the Gibson Les Paul guitars are synonymous with the phrase ‘electric guitar’?  It’s not because they’re the best guitars out there (yeah, you can argue this, and you’d be wrong.  I’ve played handmade customs that would blow them away, and I would argue that Nash even makes a better Strat or Tele than Fender these days), but rather because of the fact that they are well perceived, thought of as being valuable and quality guitars, even by people who don’t know anything about music.  And if you want to accomplish this sort of thing today, it is to social media marketing, and to a social media marketing service, that you will want to turn.

The truth of the matter is that if you want to be able to do business these days, the internet is the best place to do a lot of it.  It’s a tool that will allow you to reach a lot of people you could never reach before, and the reality is that it is something that can yield some great dividends if you invest in it.  The internet is not some terrifying entity that you should fear, it is something that you should embrace and use to make your business better off, and the local public relations firm can help you to do so.

Point being, if you’re looking to make a couple of bucks and to expand the reach of your business, I think you know by now where it is you ought to be turning.

Social Media Marketing for the Digital Age

Public Relations has always been a discipline in flux. Although the management of public opinion has always existed in some form or another, for as long as there have been publicly important individuals or organizations, in the relatively short half-century or so that PR has been recognized as a distinct discipline, it has changed a great deal. This is because managing public image is all about communication, and how people exchange information, both with each other, and with businesses and other organizations, has changed dramatically, as new communications technologies have developed. When print media was primary, managing public opinion was very different from the same endeavor in a world ruled primarily by television. The nature of PR itself is intimately tied to the various media we use, and so it must, by necessity, change and grow along with them.

Of course, the most massively transformative revolution in communications in recent times has been the internet, and specifically social media. The internet has connected people across the world in ways that they have never been connected before. People on opposite sides of the world now regularly have conversations with one another, and the vast majority of human knowledge is available for anyone to read on the internet, not to mention all of the information contained in audio and visual files that are also available. Truly, the internet is changing not just PR, but the human species. But as big of a change as the internet is, social media is even bigger.

social media marketingSocial media has become more integrated into our lives than any other aspect of the internet has, probably because it is our digital representation of our life, itself. For many people, almost everything they do is represented, in some way, on social media. If they go out to eat, they post about it on social media; if they liked the restaurant, they give it a good review on Yelp!, and maybe like it’s Facebook page. Social media has become like an ever-changing, living digital dream, in which we create a reflection of our own experiences. Not surprisingly, then, social media management, or the management of one’s social media presence, has become an important aspect of any business’s PR strategy, if they wish to be successful.

Many PR firms are doing exactly that. How much has social media changed PR? Well, they still do some of the same things they did before, they haven’t become solely social media managers, but social media has become integrated into many of the things they do. For instance, one thing that PR has always been known for doing is publishing articles in third-party media publications, as an alternative to advertising. They might still advertise as well, but people know when they’re being advertised, and so they don’t take it as seriously, because they recognize that it was paid for by the business advertising. On the other hand, if they read an article in a seemingly independent third-party publication, they are much more likely to take this more seriously, as someone’s actual opinion of the company in question. This may a bit on the deceptive side, but it is an extremely effective method of drawing customers, much more-so than advertising. Although this doesn’t necessarily involve social media, a good PR professional today would probably incorporate social media into the strategy, perhaps enlisting prominent social media personalities to post the article.

In general, PR is all about managing the communications which take place between a client, which can be an organization like a business, or a prominent individual, and the public. The job of a PR firm is to bolster that individual’s public image, both to draw customers, and to serve as a protective mechanism, in case negative press, or other image-damaging events occur. If a good public image has been built up, it can be much harder to damage it. However, sometimes people don’t go to a PR firm until their image has already been damaged, and another thing they are known for is rescuing people’s fallen reputations. In a time when a viral image or video can make or break a reputation almost overnight, PR firms which focus on the digital spread of information become increasingly necessary.

It has become such a significant factor that many PR firms now no longer refer to themselves by that title, and choose instead to call themselves social media marketing agency, or a similar title. This only further signals the extent to which social media has become absolutely critical for any successful PR strategy, of any business.

Using Social Media Marketing To Connect With Your Consumers

You know what I remember?  Sit down my children, and I will sarcastically tell you.  I remember the days before the internet (said the man sitting here, writing on the internet, while his girlfriend is reading on the internet, while his Xbox One is showing Hulu on the internet, and I’m sure my PS4 is doing something that I’m not aware of as well, as usual, on the internet).

You see, back in those days, the world was a much larger place, in some respects.  The fact is that the swiftest communication methods was with the use of telephone, which was really terrible if you needed to send a message to someone who is all the way on the other side of the world.  Text messaging didn’t become a thing until the 90s (I remember back then saying to myself ‘man, I will never go out and start using text messaging apps.  This is so obnoxious’.  A decade or so later, I began texting with some frequency, and honestly, these days I use text on my cell phone a whole lot more than I am ever finding myself using things like calling capabilities.  The truth is that in a lot of cases you are going to find yourself to be a whole lot better off using texting, in my opinion, because no one has to sit there and wait through their own messages to find yours).  The point is that back then, communication with the customer was a lot more difficult to achieve, and because of his, you are going to find that in a lot of cases, the work that you had to do was in investing in being able to reach the customer via advertising.  And while this is still done, the fact is that the things that your local PR firm can do for you have changed a whole lot since then.

public relations firmCouple this with the fact that something like ninety percent of the people you meet have no idea what a PR firm exists to do aside from making sure that celebrities don’t end up in trouble with their customers when they do something ridiculous , and you have something that you may be missing out on when you need help.  But the fact is that if you are running a small business, if you are doing something like running your own business, it is something that you can really get a lot from investing in, impacting your PR with the help of someone who understands social media management these days. As this is the case, here are just a few things that you might be able to find benefit in when it comes to your small business.

1.  Designing your social media presence

To begin with, you need to be sure that you are going to have the social media presence that you need.  Literally everyone that you are going to be competing with these days has a website (or else they’re some sort of weird small business like a cafe that is local and doesn’t need the internet because they are a staple of the community. One of the two), and if you don’t get one, you are falling behind when it comes to being able to communicate.

2.  Communicating via social media

Incidentally, a cornerstone of the ideas of social media marketing is that you need to be able to communicate.  Heck, social media have made communication with your business and with your customer easier than it has ever been before.  Not only that, but now you can answer questions in a pseudo public forum, so that everyone can see them and you don’t have to continuously answer the same questions via email or other methods of contact.

3.  Crisis control and response

So, when it all comes down to it, you are going to find that from time to time, things go as wrong as can be with your public image.  And when that happens, what you do is you get someone to help you to get your bacon out of the fire. Hopefully, then, you have the help of the local PR firm to make sure that you are going to be able to make sure you save your image, even if that means taking drastic measures like changing your name.  Trust me, this will help you immensely, and you will be glad that you invested your time in their help.

So, if you are looking to expand your business, it is time to see how a PR firm can help you communicate.  I’d also like to point out that the Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl.

How to Find a Social Media Marketing Firm

The world has changed a lot in the past few decades, and that is reflected in marketing; it is considerably different from it used to be. In prior decades, the entire purchasing experience, from learning about the product, comparing it to competitors, making the purchasing decision to actually buying the product, took place in in a brick and mortar store. Customers would visit a store and examine their options in person, carefully mulling over their decisions and often involving employees. Those employees could have a significant impact on the purchasing decision, and the customer would make that decision in the store. That type of purchasing is becoming more and more rare. Today, when a customer enters a store it is likely that they have already researched the product they are interested in and have compared it competitors. In fact, it is likely that their decision is already made.  Now, customers walk in to a store having already done their research and often having already made their decision. Many customers, in fact only visit the store to walk in, make their purchase, and walk out. Furthermore, many do not even enter a store. Instead, they do all their research, make their decisions and complete the purchase process from the comfort of their own home.

Of course, when consumer behavior undergoes such a big shift, it is imperative that your business shifts the way they operate. In this case, the shift must occur in your marketing. You to examine and invest in social media marketing. Chances are, this is not something you can do on your own. You need to bring in the proper expertise to make sure it done right and you get the best possible return on investment. That means it is time for you to hire a social media marketing firm. This can be tricky, though; there are many social media firms out there, with new ones popping up every day. It is difficult to know how to go about choosing the right one. Today, we’re going to take you through things you should do and qualities you should look for during your search for a social media marketing company.

  • Set clear goals
    After you have made the decision to hire a social media marketing agency, but before you actually meet with or speak to any, you need to come together as a company and set goals. Where do you see your company going in the future? How do you want to get there? What do you hope to accomplish with a social media marketing campaign? Is your customer base smaller than you desire? Or maybe your customer base is a healthy size but you think you could generate more sale within it. Are you looking to makeover your website and carve out a new social media identity? All of this needs to be agreed upon before you start talking to firms. That way, when you do talk with firms, you will be able to easily lay out what you are expecting.
  • Be clear about communication 
    A social media marketing campaign in an involved process that will require your close involvement and monitoring. This means you will want to know how and when the firm you choose will communicate with about how your campaign is progressing. Will they have regularly scheduled phone calls? How often will they display results for you? How many in person meetings will there be during the campaign? Who will be your point person, the one you contact when you have questions or issues? All of this information is important to have before you decide with firm to hire. You need to make sure you are choosing the social media marketing firm that will make a conscious effort to keep you abreast of what is happening with your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Compare and contrast
    After you have met with several social media marketing agencies, you need to compare and contrast them. Does one stand out above the rest? Are they all able to show you examples of previous successful campaigns? Do any resonate with you particularly well? Maybe one firm in particular has prior experience working in your industry; this can be a big leg up and jumpstart your social media marketing campaign. Your company has a specific target audience, and if a social media marketing company has worked with it before, they will already have done research into what kind of marketing tactics appeal to that audience. Once you have made all these comparisons, it is time to make your final hiring decision and be on your way to taking your company to the next level!


Why You May Need A PR Firm

Running a small business these days is no easy task.  And let’s be honest, the government sure doesn’t help to make it any easier either (seriously, have you seen the tax code lately? It is insane. There are seventy-five thousand pages.  Of. Tax. Code.  No part of that is wrong, either, and the fact is that a lot of those pages are going to have something to do with a business and what can and cannot be written off and how you have to handle new legislation like the affordable care act and the point is that the whole thing is a massive hassle to figure out).

No, if you’re running a small business, you need to be sure that you have all the help that you need.  And while part of this means making sure you hire some employees and are able to delegate things well (and that you are hiring QUALITY employees, and not people who got fired from the local McDonald’s for being incapable of properly designing a cheeseburger.  Seriously, it’s a patty, a piece of cheese, some onion slivers, and ketchup and mustard on a bun.  This is not rocket science!), part of it also means not being afraid to get outside help when you need it.

For example, let us talk about your legal standing.  Your business is either tiny, or your business is big enough that at this point, you have invested in having a lawyer on retainer. Or let’s take a look at your books.  Hopefully, you have invested some money in being able to find an accountant who will take care of your books, separate out things that are going to be tax-deductible and what have you, things like that.  If they don’t, you are going to find that your business is going to have a heck of a time if you guys get audited.  But why not also hire a PR firm, someone to manage the public image and perception of your business?  It just seems like something that will be able to help you out immensely, don’t you agree? Here are just a few things that a PR firm can do for you that will benefit you in some way.

1.  Time

The big thing that a PR firm or a social media marketing agency or whatever you want to call it these days will do for you is to free up your time.  If you run a small business, you are probably well aware of the fact that there are only so few hours and so few minutes in the day, and if you don’t have the time to spend somewhere, you can find things pile up.  Outsourcing things like PR can be a great way to free up time for other managerial tasks.

2.  Crisis control

Occasionally, for any business, things are going to go wrong.  Maybe you accidentally end up serving someone chili that has a severed digit in it (and since you didn’t make the chili yourself, but just reheated it, you don’t have any clue whose digit it is).  Maybe you accidentally did something like sell a line of clothing made in the third world.  Whatever the case may be, you are going to find that a PR firm can help you to better weather it.

3.  Social media marketing

The value of a great PR company is in the fact that not only can they help you with things that you are currently experiencing, but they also have an eye to the future, and nothing is going to be more helpful in making sure that the future will be a good one than someone who knows how to utilize the newest tech available.

a public relations company with experience4.  Press pieces

A good PR firm will know who it is that you need to turn to to get someone to write a friendly press piece.   But a great PR firm will also know who you can turn to in order to get someone to not only write said press piece, but also to make sure that they are published in places that they’ll actually be seen.

5.  Press releases

Not to be confused with a press piece, a press release is basically your business sending out a memo to local press organizations to make sure that certain questions are answered or to make a statement.  It can be a helpful tool for making sure that you can reach the public.

The point I’m making here is that, if you haven’t already thought about it, it is time to consider how a PR firm can make your life easier and help you find more income.  Trust me, your bottom line will thank you in the long run.

Make Your Social Media Marketing the Best it Can Be

Take a look around you. Now think back ten, twenty, thirty years ago. It is amazing how much the world has changed in such a short span of time. The world is a completely different place today, and that is something you need to consider when you think about how to take your business to the next level. Everyone is connected to one another; most people spend a significant portion of their day plugged in, in front of screen, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. One or more of these devices travel everywhere with them, keeping them in constant touch with friends, strangers and businesses around the world. Much of this connection happens via social media networks, making them incredibly influential platforms. This can have a huge affect on your business, and as such, you need to be paying attention to it. Your company’s success relies on, in large part, building and maintaining a strong brand. That means accessing your target market, and its likely they can be found on one form of social media or another. In fact, social media use is so prevalent today that it needs to be a key part of your company’s advertising campaign. You need to take advantage of the power social media platforms bring; it can help propel you and your company to success. 

When you are doing this, you must keep in mind that social media management is key. If you do not properly manage your social media marketing, not only lose the opportunity to gain from it, you can actually damage your brand. Social media platforms can be a place to build positive relationships with consumers and build your brand, but they are also a treacherous area, and mistakes or missteps can cost you dearly. So, we’re going to give you some tips to build your brand using social media marketing while avoiding those costly errors.

  • Use that email list
    Ever since email became a common form of communication for the average consumer, companies have been taking advantage of its obvious benefits. Though it is by now an old tactic, it remains a valuable one. The changes in the world have actually increased the benefits of email. Email, for the most part, still exists in the same basic form it has since in first became popular. Now, though, everyone carries their inbox with them everywhere they go, stored on their smartphones. Email is checked multiple times a day; it has become as much a part of the morning routine as brushing one’s teeth. Therefore, it is a wonderful way for companies to contact and connect with their customers. You should take full advantage of this, and do all you can to increase the size of your mailing list. Make it easy to sign up for by offering a clear and easy to fill out form on your site. Make signing up worth your customers’ time; offer special sales and coupons only available to those on your email list.
  • Quality content can mean big gains
    If you spend any amount of time in the world of social media marketing, you will probably hear the phrase “content is king” many times. It is repeated so often because it is true. Every business out there, including all of your competitors, is vying for the attention of your customers. You need something that stands out and makes them decide to spend their time on your site. You can do this by creating great content that is relevant and interesting to your target market. You need to start a blog specifically for this purpose; there are number of platforms available for you to use, and you can customize them to suit your needs. Once you have created the blog, start posting that content. Keep it fresh and interesting, being sure to appeal to your target market. Make sure you post regularly, so visitors have more incentive to check back regularly. The posts you make do not have to sell a product; instead, just keep them relevant, related to the product your company provides. This will attract your customers, while not making them feel like they are simply reading an ad. This can increase visits to your website, where potential customers can be converted to existing customers. Furthermore, if your content speaks to visitor, they are likely to share it on a social media platform, which can lead to even more views by their followers, who could share it themselves. This can lead to an exposure you could not even pay for, a huge benefit for your company.
  • Look to the professionals
    There are firms out there who are experts at using social media marketing to increase your online visibility; you do not have to do all this work alone, and it is often better that you don’t. Professionals will know where all the pitfalls are, how to avoid them, and what to do to avoid them. They can create and roll out a social media marketing campaign that can take your company to the next level.

How to Best Improve Your Social Media Marketing

In order to have a successful business, you need to build up a strong brand, and in today’s connected world, social media plays a vital role in doing that. Social media marketing to increase your online visibility is a great way to improve your business and ensure it is a successful one. Social media networks are a huge platform for discussion that thousands upon thousands of people utilize everyday. This is a tool that you can take advantage of; it is a way to make valuable connections with your customers, and to create brand familiarity with them. Of course, as valuable as social media can be, it is also a landscape littered with proverbial land mines. A social media marketing strategy that essentially consists of making a couple of posts on various platforms, without proper forethought and research, is one that is bound to fail. You must carefully examine your market and decide how to best use social media to your advantage. We’re going to look at some of the top tips for making your social media marketing a success. 

  • Grow your email list
    It is one of the oldest ways businesses use to touch base with their customers, but it is still effective today. Email is an incredibly common form of communication; not only is checked multiple times a day, but most people have constant access to it thanks to smart phones. One step in social media marketing is to build up your list. It should be easy for your customers to sign up for the list. Make it an inviting option by offering incentives; give customers who sign up for your email list discounts and special offers.
  • Check the clock
    Making a well-crafted, relevant social media post is a great way to get people talking about your company. However, even the best post will be wasted if no one is around to see it. When planning a post, one of your first priorities should be making sure it is seen by your target audience. The prime times for different social media platforms vary. For instance, analytics has shown that the optimal time to make a post on Twitter is between 1 and 3 pm eastern standard time, but for Instagram it’s between 5 and 6 pm. You should cater your post to make sure it reaches the most people; if you are posting it across multiple platforms, you can post at various times depending on the service. Keep in mind that even your very best post won’t mean anything if no one sees it.
  • Focus on content
    In the world of social media marketing, content is king. A popular, and successful, way to create content is to start a blog. There are many sites you can use as a platform for your blog; once you get it set up, fill it with content. Write articles that are relevant to your target market. Your product does not have to be advertised in every post; just write good, relevant content to create a positive association with you site, and by extension your company and the product you are selling. As an added benefit, readers will share content they enjoy with their friends, who will share it with their friends. This has the potential to increase your target market exponentially. Make sure you post frequently, so visitors will get in the habit of checking your site regularly.
  • Talk to your consumers
    One reason consumers are so open to the idea of their favorite companies being available on social media is that it’s an easy to connect. If a customer has a question, they can easily make a post on Facebook or send a tweet via Twitter and get a quick response. Businesses can also take advantage of this; utilizing social media to engage with your customer base is a great way to build your brand. Once again, though, you need to be sure to avoid costly missteps. Discuss your strategy and make it clear how you respond to customer inquiries, and complaints in particular. Put together a talented team to manage social media accounts; it should include members of your public relations department, as well as those working in customer relations. These professionals are experienced and skilled in the are of handling customer feedback.

The rise of social media networks has opened up a whole new avenue to businesses. It’s a great way to get your company’s name and product out there. You can connect with customer, create content and get you target market talking about your company. Be sure to do your research and create the best social media marketing strategy you can.

PR And How A Public Relations Agency Can

When I say the word ‘PR’ or the phrase ‘Public Relations’ to you, the thing that comes to mind probably isn’t a huge business that is reaching out to customers and consumers.  No, you probably think of something like, I don’t know, celebrities.  And before I go on, I don’t want you to feel bad that you think of celebs; the news cycle here in the United States is undeniably celebrity centric, to the point that a lot of people can tell you more today about the goings on with various celebrities than they could possibly hope to tell you about, say, the things that they voted on yesterday (if they got to vote at all.  Not everyone votes in local elections on the same day, after all).  Most people think of things like a celebrity having to apologize to their fans or to someone who they hit with a car while drunk or to apologize to a certain group that they may have offended when they were intoxicated and making a rant about certain people.  Or, maybe you think of a celebrity apologizing for being caught repeatedly doing things that one would consider obscene in public.  The point is, you are likely to know a public relations agency or firm to be something that the rich and famous turn to when they do something stupid and have to recover their reputation.  And while yes, this is the a thing that a PR firm can do for you, it isn’t something that you should really need as a small business (and honestly, if you end up needing such a thing, you’re really having some bad times and you may just want to pull a Blackwater/Xe/Academi/Whatever they are today and change your name first and foremost).

But a public relations company with experience can do so much more for you than that.  I mean, sure, they can help you out with making sure that you can rehabilitate your name and the name of your business or your product line or whatever it may be, but they really exist to help you to make sure that you are spreading the world as far as possible about the fact that you do exist and that you and your business have this or that to offer to the world and that, most importantly of all, you are going to be a good company to do business with.  This being the case, you should absolutely consider investing in some help from a public relations firm.  Here are just a few things that they can do to help you out with your financial state and with bringing in a whole lot more business and profit.

1.  Design a website

The first thing that any public relations company worth spending a few bucks on is going to do for you is to help you to design a website or to update the one that you already have. The fact is that today, we do a whole lot of business over the internet, and this being the case, you need to be sure that you invest in the value of a great pr company to help you to make sure you get a website that is up to snuff in today’s market.

2.  Maintain social media pages

improve digital brand awareness with social media managementNow that you have a website, you need to figure out a way to get people to come and see the website.  Depending on what it is that you make or sell, there are places that you may be well served by advertising, but in general, you will be very well served by putting the word out on various social media sites where you will be able to communicate with the customers (and possible customers). The benefit of hiring a social media marketing agency is that you will be able to reach a lot of customers with their help for very little money.

3.  Crafting content for your sites

So, now you have the needed website, you have the social media sites, and what do you do now?  You continuously design content for the sites.  This means that you are going to be looking to craft content that will not only let your customers know that you still exist, but will keep them informed about what you are up to and what is going on with your business and what you may be offering in the future.

The point I’m making is that it’s a big world and a big internet out there and that if you want to be able to profit your best, you need some help to figure out how to keep your public relations in the green.  A PR agency is just a good investment, really.

PR, And Why Your Small Business Needs A Public Relations Firm

A lot of people don’t really know what I’m talking about when I mention the phrase ‘public relations’.  Two words, so simple, and yet so often misunderstood.  They are misunderstood because we live in a society where most people know more about celebrities than anything else, and so they only know about public relations and public relations firms as they apply to the lives of celebrities; as a way to dig yourself out of trouble when you’ve done something stupid like getting caught doing cocaine while speeding around town or, even better, you’ve been caught drinking and driving, then going on a really racist and anti-Semitic rant directed at the arresting officer (after having been involved in making a movie based on a really anti-Semitic retelling of an event that may or may not have actually occurred but based on a retelling that was literally designed as an anti-Semitic propaganda tool).   And while that is a valid use for a public relations firm, it is not the only use.

No, a business can profit from the help of a public relations firm, especially a small business.  I mean, a big business probably could too, but you’ll notice that after a certain point when businesses get so big, they tend to stop hiring people from outside their business to do things and begin to do as much as humanly possible in-house.  But a small business, they can’t hire a whole PR team onto payroll, they can’t afford it.  But they can afford to hire a PR team to work for them on a contractual basis, and that can help a lot.  Now, a big movement in PR of late has been toward public perception and using the internet to influence it (says the man writing on the internet). The value of a great PR company is that not only can they help you with making sure that people think well of you when your name is brought up (or that of your products or services), but that they can help to make sure that people have actually heard of you, and the internet is making that kind of thing more and more simple and more and more possible to do with every passing day. So, when you hire your very own PR firm to help you out with this sort of thing, here are a few things that they will be doing for you in order to make sure that you bring in a lot more attention and a lot more money.

1.  Design Your Website

The first thing that you need to do is to get a bit of space out on the internet, and that means a website for your small business.  If you find an experienced social media firm, you are going to find something very important; they know what they’re talking about when it comes to building you a better website.  And indeed, that does translate to them knowing what they are going to need to do to help make sure that your site meets all the needs of your business, including being mobile compatible, which is important these days because something like sixty percent of all internet browsing is now done with the use of mobile devices.  Kind of important to be able to accept such browsing.

2.  Maintain A Social Media Presence

the value of a great pr companySo you’ve got a website.  Awesome!  But I have a question for you; why are people going to come to said website?  If you can’t answer that question, calm down and get in on this social media action, son.  You see, you can use social media to make a bit of money and to bring people in to your various websites to find out about whatever it is that your business is doing.  A reliable public relations firm for your business is going to know all about how to use social media to not only direct traffic, but to stir up some interest in actually looking at what you have to offer.

3.  Crafting content

Now that you have all these sites, what is to be done?  Well, now you need to have some content to show off!  And that content needs to be updated pretty regularly.  Sound like a daunting task?  It is.    Thankfully, your PR firm can help you to get your content up and running, to make sure that it is appealing, and most importantly, to make sure it looks good.

So, if you’re looking to bring in a whole lot more business and a whole lot money, here is what you should be looking into; hiring a public relations firm.  Trust me, it’ll make your life a whole lot better.

PR, And What Your PR Company Can Do To Help Influence Yours

Ah yes, the phrase ‘public relations’.  It evokes a lot of different images for a lot of different people, but in general, a lot people who hear it think about one thing.  You see, they tend to think of a celebrity, maybe someone who has recently gotten caught doing a lot of cocaine, or someone who has been caught doing something like driving their BMW down the street at ninety miles an hour in a twenty five MPH residential area, or maybe they got caught going out, getting drunk, getting pulled over drunk on the way home and then, when police of the local city began to question them, going on an extremely racist or anti-Semitic rant.  And yes, a PR firm can do all of that.  In fact, the value of a great PR company is that they can help you out with your image, especially when it comes to repairing said image when you have already damaged it by doing something like being a massive idiot in public.

Of course, when it all comes down to it, the best thing is to make sure that you don’t get into that kind of position in the first place, wouldn’t you agree?  And although a lot of people think of a PR firm as something that you only use when, you know, you’ve already gone and made yourself look terrible, and as something that is almost always utilized by, say, a celebrity or group of celebrities, the reality is that pretty much every business that you have ever purchased something from has a PR company of some sort looking out for their interests and doing their best to ensure that people think of them positively when their name is mentioned.  The fact is that, by the way, it is a whole lot easier for you to work hard to make sure that your business never ends up in the kind of situation where people think ill of your company already.  A public relations company with experience can help you to make sure that you avoid these kinds of missteps, but they can also do things to help you to make sure that your business is more well known than it currently is.  In fact, such a thing is the kind of thing that you may well most need them to do for you so that you can maintain some form of profitability.  Here are just a few things that they can do to help you to make sure that you take full advantage of what they can do for you.

1.  Design a website

Alright, the first thing that a PR firm can and will do for you, especially in these days when the internet is the place to be, is to design you a website.  This will help immensely, because a whole lot of people are going to find out about your business via the internet, instead of doing so by, say, driving by your business or whatever it is that you have (in some cases, a warehouse or something like that). Plus, the website will allow you to reach a whole lot more people, literally all around the world.

2.  Maintain a social media account

finding the right public relations agency for youBut you can’t just bring in profit by reaching out to the people around you who are already aware that you exist.  That is no way to bring in profit, it’ll barely help you to keep afloat.  No, you need to reach out to the customer where they are, and that means reaching out to social media and having your very own account where you can communicate with the people whose money you are hoping to get.  If you find an experienced social media firm, you will be able to get all the help that you need with performing this task.

3.  Craft content for said sites

Of course, then there is the fact that you are going to need some help with making sure that both your social media sites and your website stay up to date with the newest information and the newest prices and newest releases from your business, and that means you will need a social media firm that can help you with that.  It’s a good idea, speaking from the PR standpoint, to make sure that you continue to keep customers in the loop concerning what you’re developing, believe it or not.

So, if you are looking to bring in a lot more money and a whole lot more customers, here are just a few ways to do so.  Trust me, it’ll be well worth the money, and it can lead to some great growth in sales and thus profit.


Social Media Management And Pr Firms To Help You Bring In More Profit

Running a small business is something that is going to be pretty complicated, but if you do it well, and you do it right, it’s the kind of thing that can propel you into fiscal solvency and even wealth, as well as making sure that you leave behind a huge mark and something that your kids are going to be able to take part in to make sure that they will have a good chance at remaining fairly well to do over the long term.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding things that you can possibly do with your life, and that’s the truth.  Being able to run a business of your own is a great thing.  You get all this freedom to run your business how you want to, whether that means being a bit more tyrannical a boss than you usually used to encounter or by being a lot more lax.  You can make every decision, and whether your business is going to succeed or fail is going to be almost entirely up to you.

But let’s face it.  If your business fails, you’re kind of boned, to put it mildly.  A lot of people who open up their own small businesses are going to be putting a lot of themselves into the business, not just time and effort and stress wise, but also when it comes to the money that you are investing into your business.  A lot of small business owners have invested a lot of money into their small business, and they have also invested in a lot of debt to bring up that money.  I mean, they have likely mortgaged their homes, they have probably borrowed against other assets they have, they’ve got a small business loan, and all of that is tied up in the restaurant.  So what can you do to make sure that you don’t end up having to close?  How about you find a PR firm to help your company and thus to bring in a lot more people?  Sounds like a good idea to me, right?

But what can a PR firm do for you, I’m sure you’re asking yourself.  I mean, don’t they belong more with celebrities who have gotten caught doing something embarrassing, something like, I don’t know, getting caught being pulled over for driving while completely obliterated and then going on a rant that was about how the Jews were all terrible and just showing yourself to be a garden variety anti-Semite?  Well, yeah, that’s one of the uses of such a group, but honestly, if you end up needing one for that, you have done something really terrible and you may just want to close shop, you know?  A PR firm can help you to present your brand, and your product or product lines, well, and make them look good in the public eye and to the public view. A big part of that is social media management, and that’s also a big benefit of hiring a social media marketing agency.

a social media management company can increase your online followingYou need to get that brand out there, to make sure that more people are aware that your brand exists and that it can offer them something.  In some cases, that something may be a better life, better health, whatever the pitch may be.  But you need to have a way to offer them something that they aren’t getting and that they don’t already have, or else people just aren’t going to be interested.  If you find an experienced social media firm, they will be able to help you to not just make sure that your business is going to be better off, but to make sure that you are reaching more people with your message about your products. What that message may be, that is something that they can help you to develop, too, which will help you to make sure that you are getting the desired messaged across and not turning people off of your product or something like that.  The point that I’m making here is that a PR firm is going to be able to help you out a lot when it comes to turning a profit with your small business.

So, if you haven’t yet considered what a PR firm can do for your small business, I would say that it’s time to do a good analysis of the costs and the benefits of such a course of action, and see if said course will be right for you.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

PR And Using a Public Relations Company To Your Benefit

Running a small business can be a very exciting experience for a whole lot of reasons. To begin with, you have the thrill of self-determination.  You can do things your way, and do them the way that you like, no matter what you may have seen, both out in the world when you were working and just in general in other business that you will be in competition against, the fact of the matter is that you will have the free rein to decide exactly how you would like to run your own business, which can be a lot of fun and a very great experience.

But that doesn’t mean that with that thrill there doesn’t come a lot of responsibility and a lot of stress.  In fact, I would argue that the most thrilling things that you can possibly do come with tons of responsibilities that you wouldn’t normally encounter otherwise.  Want to fly a fighter plane (decommissioned, of course)?  You absolutely can, legally, own and fly your own fighter jet here in the United States.  Of course, in order to do so, you need hundreds of hours in other, less exciting aircraft first, so that you figure out what works and what doesn’t and learn the general dynamics of flight.  You don’t have to do that to open your own business (although much like flying, you do have to get some licenses in order to run your business, and you will have to repeatedly renew said licenses, and if you are running a restaurant or somewhere that provides food you will also have to attend various courses on safe food preparation and the like).  Once you have those licenses, though, it becomes time for you to compete with the other businesses in your market and that are nearby.

hiring a social media agency to grow your digital presenceAnd what can you do to maintain a competitive edge?  I mean, let’s assume you’re making coffee.  Beautiful, high-end, caffeine laced coffee (if you drink decaf, you’re the devil.  Who the hell does that????).  What can you do to be able to compete in a market that has both Starbucks AND Dunkin Donuts, along with dozens of other chains that aren’t worth mentioning?  A good place to start might be to hire a public relations company with experience to help you out with the work of making sure that you can turn a profit.

A PR company will be able to help you out immensely.  They are also the kind of thing that you will need, because I have bad news; you probably, as a small business, won’t have the money to be able to hire your own full-time PR and marketing people.  I mean, it’s a nice dream and all of that, but the fact of the matter is that you will probably need to hire someone in for the short term, at least.  But what does a PR firm do for you?  I mean, aren’t they the kind of thing that you see celebrities hire when they, say, get caught doing cocaine in a downtown party and then have to go to prison for a whole month?  Well, yeah, but they can do a whole lot more than just that. The value of a great PR company is in the fact that the PR company is going to be able to help you out with making sure that people think well of your business, and even more than that, that they are aware of your business and the products that you have to offer.

The PR company that you hire will be able to help you to make sure that you are going to be in the public eye and that you will be in such in a decent way.  They’ll show your company doing good works.  They’ll talk about what your product has to offer to the populace and to making sure that the people around you, and yourself, will live a better life, and that’s the kind of thing that you can turn into a lot more business in the long term.  If you find an experienced social media firm, they will also be able to help you to make sure that you will be able to use the social media networks of the day to reach a lot more people.

So, if you have been having trouble getting out the word about your company, here’s a great place to start to turn that around.  The more people  that area aware of your business, the more sales you can see.

Public Relations May Not Be What You Think It Is

Everybody cares, to some degree, what other’s think of them. Even those who would deny it till their dying breath can’t help it, we are social, tribal creatures, and have been since before we were fully human. Of course, for some people, and organizations, public opinion is a bit more critical to their survival and success than it may be to your or me. Entities such as this must by necessity take a special interest in their public image, and must take greater efforts to maintain a positive image in the minds of the people. This is not always an easy thing to do, it’s a complicated world, filled with competition, slander, misunderstanding, and sensationalism. The mind of the public is both fickle and stubborn, and the internet has only complicated things further. In truth, most organizations and public figures simply are not qualified, nor do they have the time in their busy lives, to attend to their public image in the way that they would need to, in order to retain their success. This is why the field of Public Relations has arisen to provide that service.

Public Relations is sometimes portrayed poorly by movies or television shows. PR people may be shown fabricating stories in order to conceal and protect the covert interests of greedy corporations, or doing things that PR people simply don’t do, like purchase advertisements. Consequently, there is a great deal of public misunderstanding, and, at times, even suspicion towards the field of public relations. This is a problem that can be easily remedied with information, information about what it is exactly that PR firms do, and how they set themselves apart from other similar disciplines in the business world.

Public Relations is all about managing the relationship between a client and the public. That can mean both managing the information that is communicated from the client to the public, vice versa, or the information that is exchanged among the public and the media, in regards to the client. As information technologies grow increasingly complex, the job of PR has also become a lot more complicated, and has come to rely more and more on technology, and therefore technical skill sets. But public relations is fundamentally different from marketing and advertising, because it takes an entirely different approach. Rather than publishing advertisements, which customers recognize as biased, it focuses on publishing positive news stories related to the client in relevant, third-party media sources, which customers are more likely to trust, and therefore find influential.

However, this is just a primary difference, in reality Public Relations does much more for their clients, beyond publishing news stories. PR handles virtually every aspect of communications between, and also within an organization. This requires a diverse skill set, and this is why PR is often performed by firms or agencies, which are independent from the clients they serve, rather than PR departments within those organizations, although those exist, too. But the model of putting numerous PR professionals together, who all have diverse skills is a highly effective one, and this type of PR has had a tendency to flourish. In an increasingly digital world, where social media management is a huge portion of what any PR professional does, having a team made up of different people who all specialize in the various areas of web technology is an enormous boon to the effectiveness of a PR organization.

Many people also think that PR is all about reacting to, and diffusing negative press. While that is a very important service that PR firms offer, to suppose that this is what they spend the majority of their time doing would be very misleading. Actually, a good PR firm, or Social Media Agency, as many of them are now called, will in fact spend the largest portion of their time building up a positive relationship between their clients and the public, which means that the business of PR is far more proactive than it is reactive, for more focused on the positive than dealing with the negative. Ideally, if your reputation has been built up skillfully, then even receiving negative press won’t have as much of an effect as it would have otherwise. This is because when people already have a good impression of you, and they hear something bad about you in the news, they will tend to give you the benefit of the doubt, rather than instantly believe what they read. This will minimize whatever losses in profits you may see from the news story, and will help to keep the situation stable, while your PR provider makes the necessary repairs to your image.

Social Media Management to Keep Your Web Presence Under Control

Social media, the internet, online marketing; like it or not, these relatively recent developments in technology are a significant factor in how markets function today, and to ignore them is to put your organization at a severe disadvantage. These days, when someone hears about a product by word of mouth, the first thing they are likely to do is to look it up with google, and/or social media. This is natural, as pretty much everyone has a handheld computer in their pocket, which means that at any and all times, virtually all of the information that exists digitally, which is most information in the world, is at their fingertips. This, as many have said, and as I risk being cliché by saying now, is kind of a big deal. The level of access to information is unprecedented, and the place where all that information resides is the internet. Therefore, controlling how your business and product is represented within that sea of information exchange is crucial for maintaining your customer-base, and business success. This control is known as social media management, and it’s importance should not be underestimated.

social media marketing firmManaging your social media presence has become more than just a supplementary marketing strategy, in today’s web-integrated world, it is primary. It’s also a field which is much more highly technical and specialized than other forms of mass marketing that have existed in the past. While utilizing television, radio, and print no doubt required some industry knowledge, using the internet and social media is completely different. Like comparing a modern Lexus to a ’57 Chevy, it’s a different animal entirely. As such, it should be no surprise that social media marketing as a specialization has risen in prominence within the marketing world, and is more and more commonly outsourced to external social media marketing agencies. Rather than a few people with general marketing skills, these are groups of people with highly specialized knowledge, who function together, as a whole, to help your business succeed.

This approach makes sense, in a lot of ways. As anything becomes more complex, it also requires further specialization, as the level of necessary knowledge involved surpasses that of any individual. We have seen this in numerous fields, perhaps the most obvious being science and medicine, where practically everyone, with the exception of a general practitioner, is some type of specialist or another. Likewise, in online marketing, it’s important to have a variety of specialists working together as a cohesive unit, for any effective social media marketing campaign to work the way it should. Hiring the right specialists in every area you need can be difficult even for corporations with large human resources departments, or impossible for smaller sized businesses. This is why a social media marketing firm is a logical choice.

A social media marketing agency serves all of the same purposes that a marketing agency, or public relations agency, would have in the past. In fact, many of these social media marketing agencies once simply called themselves PR firms, before the role of online marketing and PR became so prevalent. They are separate organizations with their own management structures, which serve as resources for numerous business clients who utilize them for their marketing needs. This is highly convenient from a managerial perspective, much more so than hiring your own department and having to manage it. By partnering with a social media management firm, you will gain access to a carefully assembled team of professionals that will bring a level of expertise to your marketing needs that would be practically impossible to achieve yourself, or with your own employees. Like all specialists, they live and breathe their area of specialization, and so their skills and experience reach a level of excellence that is almost never touched by individual marketing departments assembled by management within a larger organization.

In a world where one viral story can ruin the reputation of an organization, it is vital to the public relations assurance that a social media marketing agency provides. Hiring the services of one of these organizations can be the difference between success and failure, and in the risk of ignoring it, or putting it into hands less capable than you could, can spell tragedy for your organization’s success. If you are considering whether to hire an external firm of this nature, or your own marketing team, I hope that you will consider the points brought up in this article, make the wisest decision, and put your online presence in the hands of professionals.

Using A Social Media Marketing Agency To Turn A Profit

The way of the world these days is to run a lot more of your life on the internet.  I mean, let’s face it.  I can’t remember the last time that I had to do something in person.  You see, as the internet has spread and the speeds have become better and the stability has improved and the security has improved, it has become possible to live more and more of our lives out on the internet. This has made life easier for everyone, but it has also lead to the rise of social media, which in turn lead to social media marketing, and the employment of the social media marketing agency.  This, in turn, has led to a new way to do business, incorporating social media and the ability to market over it into your business plan.

This is really a great thing, too.  If you run a small business, the reach of said business is almost nil.  You can reach out to people in your community and that is about it.  You won’t reach anyone, for example, in the next city over, and you probably can’t rely too much on people who are going to be passing through the area to stop in unless you have some sort of fame or notoriety.  Now, if you couple your storefront with your website and your awesome new social media presence, perhaps that has been run with or set up with the help of your local professional PR firm, then you will be able to take advantage of pretty much limitless reach.  If someone searches a term for something that you happen to produce or to sell, you are going to be able to find it pretty much anyone in the world, so long as they don’t have internet censorship or something like that.  Then, they can order, and you can make your money.  The only hassle involved is going to be your willingness to actually ship something to someone on the other side of the world, and in making sure that you picked the right PR firm, one that understands the business that you’re running and the market that it competes in.

So, if you want to compete on the social media networks for the dollars of your desired consumers, here’s just a few ways that you can do so.

1.  Buy ad space on social media

social media firmYes, like any other form of media that is currently in use, there is ad space on the internet and on social media.  The fact is, you can buy this just like any other, and if you do so with the help of one of the various social media management companies that are out there today you are going to be able to save some money.  In general, if you let someone else, someone who commonly buys ad space, negotiate an ad buy for you, you’re going to be a lot better off and get a lot better deal than you could get on your own.  Just so you’re aware.

2.  Advertise with your page

Hey, you know what you can do with your own page that you can fill with your own content on the various social media networks?  You can advertise the stuff that you make!  And I don’t mean that you need to post things that it is obnoxiously obvious are actually an advertisement.  Rather, you can post things that are a sly advertisement.  Show people how you make the product that they are going to be buying from you.  Show the consumer what goes into making their favorite whatever.  It’s a lot more clever a way to bring in your consumers then just beating them over the head with your ads.

3.  Communicate with the customers

One of the bets things that you can do on social media is actually communicate with the customer.  I mean, let’s face it.  Sometimes, you need to listen to your customers and to tell them that you have done so and that you are taking their criticisms and suggestions seriously.  It makes them feel like they’re valued, and this can help you to bring in a lot more money in the future, believe me.  A valued customer is going to keep coming on back in to see your business and what you have to offer, and that means more sales.

So, if you’re looking to expand your business and bring in some money, you should absolutely look to the internet to find that extra little boost in income that you want.

Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business

The internet is the place to be these days, and this is the case for pretty much everything and everyone.  Any PR firm would agree, too.  There are people right now who are launching albums and singles on the internet, showing them on YouTube or Pandora or iTunes before they’ll release them on an LP or a CD or anything like that, for example.  Then there are the video games that launch first on things like Steam or other direct to drive services, rather than being able to launch on a console or something (or the ones that launch on a console first, via direct download, now that all of them are able to do that).  My point is that for a business, the internet is a happening place.

And this doesn’t just mean having a website.  It means that you need to have a series of accounts on social media.  But the drawback here is that running a social media account on just one of the networks can be time consuming, and doing it on many of them would be even worse.  I don’t understand how businesses, small businesses, can have all these accounts on every social media network, that is just insane to me.

Actually, I do understand how they pull it off, because I know that many small business will turn to a public relations company to help them out with it.  I mean, they will turn to the help of someone else in order to make sure that they can keep everyone up to date on what is going on in the business.  Now, that’s not to say that there is only one way to do this, but most companies that have the ability to populate that many social media accounts, they have either a dedicated employee who does nothing but play around on social media or else they have a public relations company that is helping them out, one or the other.  Anyway, here are just a few ways that social media marketing works out.

1.  Ad buys online

Ad buys are kind of a classic way that people have used in order to get more people to see the information that they have about the products that they have to sell, and the internet and social media on it is no different.  Part of social media marketing is getting your ads out there on social media, so that when people decide to log in and see what’s going on in their sphere of the universe, they also come across ads for your website, for your products, or for your social media page, or for the places where your things can be purchased, whatever the case may be.  The point is that you are going to want to make sure that you can help the world to see that you have something to offer, and to tell them where they can check those goods out.

2.  Using your page to advertise

Now, you can actually use your social media pages to advertise the things that your company has to offer.  For example, you are going to be able to show them things as they come out, or to keep the people up to date on where they can get your most popular items, the list is almost endless, but the point is that you want to make sure that people are able to figure out where you are selling what you have to offer and that you are going to be able to make sure that you can move as much product as you possibly can so that you can keep on bringing in all that money.

3.  Sweepstakes

So, one of my favorite ways to use social media to market is to offer those ‘share and like and social media firmcomment’ sweepstakes.  They are so easy to do.  Basically, you offer up something for free, as long as people ‘like’ your business’ page, and then share the status, and then comment on the status, and then they have to like the status itself.  Well, if you do this then you are basically going to be helping them to improve their ranking on any social media site, and when you ‘share’ the comment, you’re basically going to be showing off their company and their product that they’re giving away for free.  It’s all free advertising, and it is wonderful.

So, if you’re looking to make some money, turn to the internet.  You’re sure to be glad that you did when the money is rolling in.

3 Reasons to Partner Your Startup with a Social Media Management Company

Starting a business is hard. 90% of startups fail, and that’s a pretty good indication of the level of skill, commitment, and good decision-making that’s necessary to create a business that succeeds beyond its initial stages. As researchers have investigated the question of why so many businesses fail, one answer they frequently come to is the inability of the company to locate and market properly to their customer base. In order for a business to thrive, people certainly have to know about it, so that they can purchase it’s products or services. If not enough people know about it, there will not be enough profit, and the business will begin the downward spiral towards liquidation.

Of course, you don’t want that for your business, nobody does. But how do you avoid it? Well, in the modern age of information technology, the answer to that question is increasingly social media marketing. The internet has changed everything, and social media has changed the internet. People are watching less and less tv, getting their news less and less from newspaper, and are tuning in more and more to the digital medium of the world-wide web. Social media provides a platform for people and their friends to generate their own news and culture, and share it with one another, creating online communities which overlap and interconnect, so that social media websites have become enormous database of information exchange. This new medium is, of course, critical for businesses to make use of, and is especially relevant for new businesses seeking to establish their customer base. Here are some reasons why your startup should hire a social media marketing agency to ensure your survival in the competitive market of the digital age.

1. Bootstrapping your social media marketing isn’t going to cut it.

Many businesses begin with bootstrapping, and this is perfectly understandable. When you are first developing your business plan, perhaps trying to create a viable prototype, and borrow money from friends and family to support your efforts, it certainly doesn’t make sense to pay for marketing. However, for whatever reason, some new startups mistakenly think that they can continue bootstrapping their internet marketing needs, even after they have acquired investors and begun the process of establishing their business. This can be a critical mistake, because establishing your customer base will be the prime factor in your success, and that is all about marketing.

2. The internet is vast & complicated, and you want professional help.

We all like to think we’re pretty tech savvy, but the fact is that truly utilizing the potential of the internet for marketing is something that requires a huge knowledge base. Ensuring that your company’s website has a high search engine ranking, or that your social media feed gives people just the right impression to make them want to be your customers is not something for the novice, not when the future of your venture is at stake. Social media management firms are not just specialists, not just professionals, but teams of professional specialists, and as such they draw from a much larger pool of knowledge than you, or even a single marketing individual you might hire, ever could. Your time is best spent running your business, and that is why outsourcing your social media marketing is the smartest choice.

3. Social media is the perfect way to find your niche, and use it.

Unlike mass broadcasts or newspaper articles, social media has algorithms and programming built into it which, when properly utilized, has ways of connecting your business and its various pages to those who will be most interested in it. Since most people are at least on Facebook, if nothing else, this means that those who are likely to be interested in your company are more likely to see it, so that you are marketing specifically to your potential customers, instead of paying large sums of money to be announced to huge amounts of people, the majority of which may not even be interested. This is a specialized form of marketing that will help you zero in on your market and dominate it, rather than wasting energy on less efficient methods. When done by professionals, it will allow you to focus all of your energy on keeping the business itself running, while the social media management agency draws send all the members of your niche your way.

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